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Yoni Steam Treatment

$69.00 $129.00 saving $60.00
Yoni Steam Treatment

Yoni Steam Treatment

$69.00 $129.00 saving $60.00

Our Vaginal Spa at-home is formulated to support vaginal health. It helps restore your natural pH balance, eliminate persistent odors, and provide relief for itching, burning, and dryness. Vaginal Spa comes with your natural organic herb pack great for detoxing and restoring.Start your V steaming.


Our Vaginal V - Spa steamer stool work in synergy to:

& Restore pH balance

§ Eliminate persistent odors

§Relieve itchiness and irritations

§ Help with cysts, hemorrhoids, bloating, yeast problems,


§ Assist with menopausal dryness, low libido, weak orgasms

Reduce painful periods, irregular menstrual cycles

And the best part? The yoni steaming herb blend contains just that - herbs. No chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no nasty fillers, no GMO.

Included: 1. Vaginal Spa 2. Organic Herbs